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I am delighted to have been invited to discuss social anxiety on air at ABC Radio National next Tuesday morning with presenter Phil Kafcaloudes and Terry Laidler (forensic psychologist and working at The Global & Cultural Mental Health Unit, University of Melbourne). The segment on social anxiety starts at 9.30am so I will have to get up early and brave peak hour traffic to get to the Southbank, Melbourne studio on time for the interview. I am told we are going to discuss: what is social anxiety, the symptoms, the impact the condition has on peoples' lives and how anxiety is treated....
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If You Fear Presentations You MUST read These Public Speaking Tips

I just stumbled across a great article about overcoming your fear of public speaking by famous American atheist, author, philosopher & neuroscientist, Sam Harris. Sam starts his article on public speaking anxiety by reporting that American President Thomas Jefferson was said to be scared of addressing Congress. John Adams said of Jefferson “During the whole time I sat with him in Congress, I never heard him utter three sentences together”. Despite his refusal to speak in public,  Jefferson still managed to become president of the United States but   as Sam points out, today no one could ...
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Motorists Have Fear of Driving A Car But Driving Anxiety Treatment is Available

07/05/2014   Driving  a car is probably the most risky thing many of us do. A recent survey by Allianz Insurance, reported in  The Herald Sun on February 28th 2014, has discovered that 79% of the 1000 drivers they surveyed had worries about driving.   17%  of motorists surveyed reported that they decide not to make a certain trip due to their fear of driving a car. This is not surprising to me as I know many people who will not drive in city traffic or on freeways for fear of having a...
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Overcoming Anxiety Attacks, Moby Is A Success Story

24/4/2014 Moby, the successful American musician, DJ, photographer, and singer/songwriter, has divulged that he has experienced anxiety since he was child. His apprehension and worry escalated into panic attacks when at the age of 19 he tried LSD. For many years Moby avoided dating or self medicated with alcohol in order to avoid anxiety attacks.   He eventually he sought help from a psychologist. Since having treatment, and embracing sobriety, Moby has found his anxiety attacks have dropped in frequency but occasionally he will "have too much caffeine, be stressed out about work and be in a relationship that's not going well and it will happen again".   Moby is to be commended for sharing his...
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