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Hoarding Hits The Headlines

Hoarding has hit the headlines in recent weeks as some residents of Boonara Avenue, the Balboas, have had a clean up forced upon them by the Waverley Council. According to media reports, the Waverly council has to date spent approximately $300,000 on legal fees and numerous prior clean-ups. The media have reported that items such as : bricks, tins, jars, wrappers, discarded electrical items, tiles, toys, trolleys, luggage and books were removed from the yard of the property.   Mary Bobolas, a 73 year old woman, was arrested and charged after allegedly lashing out and spitting at a police officer as workers removed rubbish from the property.   Obviously, this case has been very challenging and costly for the...
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Mental Health Week 2014

I believe it is very important to support events which help to destigmatize mental health issues and educate the public so here's an early plug for a very worthwhile initiative.   Mental Health Week is an annual event which occurs in October. The Victorian Mental Health Week started in 1982 and this year Mental Health Week will be held from Sunday 5th October to Saturday the 11th October. Mental Health Week encompasses a number of events across Victoria including : a launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, lectures etc.   The official launch will be held on Monday 6th October in the Deakin Edge Theatre at Melbourne's Federation Square.   For more details on the events which be held during Victorian Mental...
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