Domestic Violence Prevention Workshop

‘Don’t Date Them’ Presentation

Women and young girls often find themselves in an abusive relationship. These relationships can be damaging to the self esteem and mental health of the woman involved, leaving her feeling: crushed, worthless, depressed, anxious and  in some cases suffering post traumatic stress disorder. Men also may find themselves in an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately,  although we may formally learn to: drive, play an instrument, or do physics and chemistry,  we do not learn how to date safely.

If  people can learn to identify the red  flags associated with a potential abuser, hopefully they can avoid become involved with them.

The ‘Don’t Date  Them ‘ Domestic Violence Prevention Presentation is available  to high schools, workplaces, churches and community groups.

The workshop can be tailored to the needs of your group and is delivered on site.

Workshops can vary in duration from  one hr  to one day  according to your needs.

The format can be a lecture or  more interactive with small group sharing activities.

Outline of the  ‘ Don’t Date Them’  Domestic Violence Prevention Workshop

  • What is Abuse?
  • The Damaging Effects of Domestic Violence
  • Red Flags for a Potentially Abusive Relationship
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder- How to identify a narcissist
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder- How to identify an antisocial person
  • Will the Abuser Change?
  • Where to get Help

The presenter, Catherine Madigan, a clinical psychologist has worked with survivors of domestic violence ( be it verbal and /or physical abuse). Please call 03 9819 3671

or 0429 88 3671 for further information.