Monday 26/5/2014

Whilst reading the Sunday papers, and indulging in a delicious raspberry muffin yesterday, I came across an article in Herald Sun’s, Body & Soul supplement May 25 2014 about fear of vomiting treatment. Kylie Stevenson has written an informative article about emetophobia. Some people fear vomiting in public, whilst others fear their own vomit or that others will vomit in their proximity.


Apparently, 90% of people who fear vomiting are women and this condition can affect up to 8% of the world’s population. However, the number of people who would warrant a diagnosis of emetophobia is less than 1 %  according to Dr Mark Boschen of Griffith University who is a senior lecturer in clinical psychology.


People with a severe fear of vomiting/vomit may go to great pains to avoid situations where they might  encounter vomit and/or be triggered to vomit. Some sufferers avoid pubs, sporting events, public toilets,  and even surgery and/or  pregnancy.

Suffers of emetophobia may avoid being around ill people and children. They  may also avoid eating particular foods, refuse to eat take away or at restaurants.


One CBT treatment for emetophobia program called Thrive is said to have a 85% success rate and the remaining 15% of subjects say their symptoms decreased significantly. This  is great news for people with a fear of vomiting/vomit. CBT treatment for emetophobia can help people  overcome their fear.


Clinical psychologist Catherine Madigan can help you with CBT treatment for emetophobia in Melbourne
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  1. How do we find out more about this treatment?

  2. I am seeking treatment for my wife and she has been experiencing emetophobia since the early age of 13 and has OCD as a secondary diagnosis. Her phobia has been problematic for a long period of time and been debilitating. She has recently attempted treatment through utilising schema-focused Cognitive therapy without success. Therefore, we are hoping to utilise a new type of therapy to treat her current condition.

    Could you please outline your treatment method and do you utilise CBT?

  3. i am very interested in this Thrive Program, where can i get some more information? i have tried everything, and i am a severe sufferer… thank you

  4. Hi – do you know of any Sydney practitioners who are experienced with Thrive?


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