Skype Therapy Session

Due to a high demand from clients located outside of Melbourne – and many times outside Victoria, Catherine now offers regular Skype sessions to treat anxiety and phobias.


  • Get an effective – and lasting – treatment for anxiety, no matter where you are.
  • Learn the scientifically proven exercises that minimise shyness and other fears.
  • Minimise your anxiety medication dependency learning to achieve a naturally relaxed state.
  • Increase alertness and focus, improving the quality of your professional and personal life.

Booking your session is easy!

Taking the first step for an anxiety-free life is simple. Just give Catherine a quick call and to discuss your preferred time and date, fulfill the payment and you’re ready to go!



Telehealth Services

The Australian Government now recognises the benefit of telehealth delivering mental health services, especially to people in rural and remote areas.

From 1 September 2018, further changes to Medicare took effect so that eligible patients in rural and remote areas have the option of accessing all of their Better Access sessions via videoconference.

To check if you qualify visit the MMM locator site and select the ‘MMM classification’ and enter your location.

Why Catherine?

Catherine Madigan is a well-known Melbourne Clinical psychologist that helps everyday people to get anxiety-free.

Her efforts are divided between her private Skype sessions and her Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy Program for anxiety sufferers ran in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Catherine’s work with anxiety sufferers has been featured in the most prestigious Australian publications, being referred by credible institutions as the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service and other job placement agencies.

Featured On:

The AGE, Herald Sun, Women’s Health.

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