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Depression Counselling

Depression affects 1 in 7 Australians at some point in their life. CBT Treatment is available here

Anxiety Counselling

We can offer anxiety help solutions for a wide range of anxiety disorders and conditions exacerbated by anxiety. So contact us if you need help to overcome any anxiety disorder or condition aggravated by anxiety

Stress Management Counselling

We offer stress management counselling for individuals and provide stress management workshops to organisations, businesses and schools

Public Speaking Anxiety Counselling

Public speaking anxiety treatment is a focus of Anxiety Treatment Australia. We offer individual and/or group sessions as well as virtual reality exposure

Body Image Counselling

Many people are preoccupied with their appearance and worry about how they appear., not because they are vain but because they believe they are ugly and are very distressed. Body image issues and body dysmorphic disorder are treated with CBT

Group Therapy

We can offer group therapy for: Public speaking anxiety, Social anxiety, Perfectionism, Hoarding

4 Good Reason You Should Call Us!

Quick appointments no matter where you live in Australia

Minimal out of pocket expense (Medicare & Health fund Rebates)

Clinical Psychologist with approx. 25 years of experience. Also offering virtual reality exposure therapy.

Business hours, After hours and Saturdays appointments

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