Like millions of other people, I was saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams. As a child I watched many episodes of Mork & Mindy and I even recall his first appearance as Mork on Happy Days! I can’t say I was such a devoted fan that I watched every movie he was ever in but I did see Good Will Hunting in which he played a therapist, Good Morning Vietnam in which he had the role of a radio announcer, Patch Adams and Mrs Doubtfire, in which he played a housekeeper.


Robin Williams generated many chuckles for TV  viewers and movie goers. Hopefully, Robin Williams will be remembered more for his highly entertaining body of work over decades than his tragic suicide by hanging.

If any good can come of this tragedy, let’s hope it makes people  more alert to symptoms of depression in their friends and loved ones.



  • If someone is expressing suicidal ideation, take it seriously and where possible direct them to a mental health professional for assessment and assistance.
  • Changes in appetite, eating significantly more or less
  • Changes in sleep pattern, sleeping significant  more or less
  • Expressing thoughts of hopelessness, uselessness or worthlessness
  • Loss of interest and/or pleasure in activities, work,
  • Agitation, being unable to sit still or being slowed down
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or difficulty making decisions
  • Feeling tired
  • Depressed mood, feeling sad or empty



If you  or a loved on is depressed seek help sooner rather than later. We have trained psychologists in Melbourne who can help you through the process, call now at 03 9819 3671

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  1. I have severe major deppressive disorder. I have anxiety disorder and panic attacks some taking me to hospital for sedation. Im 52 live with my mum and dad and youngest daughter Mary born with very extensive spina bifida hydrocephalus and epilepsy this house was made wheelchair friendly as its owned Mary came to live here b4 me after being abused by a couple fostering her so I could work as I have 2 older children. She will still bring up the names of the couple who abused her from time to time over 15 yrs ago. I moved in here about 12 yrs ago. I lost my independance as I was used to running a household then my dad was cooking for me doing my washing they already had self designated jobs to help my daughter. my dad died recently in palliative care in the home. mum and I held his hands as he passed away. ive been in and out of intensive care and hospital i didnt no i was doing it until i did it overdosing on whatever i could find with the stress of christmas we lived below the poverty line. I was a single mother mary was born by emergency c section i didnt have a ultrasound it occurs 2 to 3 weeks after conception we were given the choice to let her go or operate there dad was hopeless i chose operate i had to take the kids and leave him he became extremely violent mary was a hideous looking baby 1 of the last of the worst due to folate and ultrasound picking it up. i dont blame there dad i didnt cope well either. i hate life but at the same time i have a desperate need to outlive mary she is so beautiful in looks and personality dad oted all over her she was in the room when dad was in his last half hour . many of her friends have died she knows they are in a better place and names off all the people in a better place she has coped amazingly well. mums sad of course. i had a delayed grief reaction it wsnt until about 2 weeks after nursing da to death it hit me as i had to rive mum to see the priest for the service then the service etc. i also have had a very traumatic life victem of a very violent crime after leaving the hospital after mary was amitted late at night i was going to catch 2 buses to mum and dads i lived about a hrs drive away in a small rural village. 4 men approached me i was raped my shoulder still hurts deprivation of liberty and common assault i somehow got away they were dividing my pension up so the 4 men were rounded up with my back pac and 3 turned witness on the 1 man making it 100 beyond reasonable doubt he went to jail for 5 yrs with no prole recommendation whatsoever due to the nature of the crime. that plus his identity was in the newspaper. i surrounded myself with pople rank beer but told tough looking men who used it against me i was stalked by a very cray man he was run out of town. i dont really leave the house. PTSD all my muscles failed including facial with slurred speech calling my eldest daughter and continually falling ovr and talking to my grandaughter who wasnt there i no this as mum mary and dad witnessed it long term trauma was the cause and it shouldnt happen again in a lifetime but it did this time mum called a ambulance I had a dreadful experience with another man on drugs when I went back to the small village to visit after 10 or more yrs I accepted him on facebook as i worked with his now ex wife and new he could teach guitar he rang daily I wanted to learn guitar he said Id have to practise half hr per day so I went there first after asking his ex wife if it was okay to sleep on the couch then I was going to visit friends and practise while they were at work. she didnt tell me he was on a huge amount of methadone and dealed ice he offere me a ice pipe i said no thanks im good and he started calling me a spy that put a tiger snake in his bed that bit him I had bought my blind little dog with dementia he was blocking me from leaving I had to run into the bushes and the canungra police came with me after about 5 days to get my car dog they had already bought my medication bag he took the valium with my drs phone number on it. The police were new 1 remembered me. I was able to stay in the motel for 2 nights I wet the bed. I ran to the pub and back and left a message for a old friend telling him I was in room at the motel plse come get me. After saying hi jo long time how have you been etc like a lot of other people she went one better and rang him at home. he collected me at the following morning. The police were treating it like a domestic and in small towns locals come first. I spent hours stumbling around in the bushes I saw car headlights and headed in that direction and called the police from a neighbouring town It was late afternoon when I ran and hid behind a tre trunk until dark leaving everything behind except my phone wallet and bag. when I got in the police car I left my fone on the side of the rd where I was sitting waiting for them it was after midnight when they dropped me at motel and I new the manager she went and got food for me. the drug fueled man came there to apparently see how to look after my dog I was so scared the manager fiona stayed close by. he started by saying i caused the police to raid his house and I got all the young ones who once called me mum in trouble and said he was going to throw my dog in the creek at that stage I stood up and called fiona nad said he is going to throw my dog in the creek he took off with my cigerettes. Fiona said dont look he is back and he was accross the rd sitting in his car. the morning after the beaudesert police dropped me at the motel the local canungra police and ambulance came to see me. the ambulance said I was corpus mentas with scratches and bruises I stumbled around in the bush for hours. so the police retrieved my medicine bag but it was my dog they got annoyed and they searched the house for ice and a ice pipe if I new they were going to do that I could have told them where it was but they found nothing. My friend who collected me at am lost his license for drink driving he told me the cops wre new and there was a little blonde female sargent. I was 5 doors up from the police station my friend drove to the shops before office hrs a small country police station. 1 remembered me as he said he had to talk to me once reguarding my son. My friend was going to take me early morning to get my car dog guitar with a baseball bat but each morning he had a reason not to. the drug man sent a well known young girl who did anything for drugs or alcohol to where i was hiding and asked is Jo there luckily she was to lazy to walk up his driveway he said no but Ive been in communicade with her. there was a mysterious slip of tablets in my medicine bag. I didnt no what it was i did no he took my valium. the third morning my friend said he was doing it the legal way I was frantic over my dog. he called the police said I was there and I needed to go get my car and dog. the police were so cranky they were looking for me as the drug man was ringing them daily as he wanted my car gone it was hard to deal he was so paranoid. they said he was odd but not dangerous. I asked them to come upstairs with me and they were cranky and said no the locals kept me hidden. but as we got there a car was leaving his driveway and I said oh no not robbie to they said robbie who and I saif boardman without thinking and the drug man was in the yard saying thank god get her stuff out of here. my brand new car wouldnt start he said he thought he saw a strange light on I no he flattened the battery on purpose. the police came upstairs with me and it wasnt robbie boardman but his dealer of ice also extremely paranoid from the goldcoast. So he wouldnt go back there anyway we went back to the village to racq and the cops were noticing everyone saying hi Jo how are you long time great to see you one mecahanic hugged me by now th police realised I was a well known local they sai to the mechanics the man is odd but not dangerous they bought my car back and the little blonde sargent got me to blowin the bag I said I havnt had a drink in over 10 yrs but it was to test for drugs to she seemed amazed that I blew zero. At the drug mans house just out of town he was saying something about missing 11 methadone tablets and he had to explain it to the government It wasnt until I left I realised he put them in my meicine bag the police said they would follow me out of town to be safe I left thos tablets in the bin thinking he was setting me up. The police scoffed at me the morning after I arrived at the motel I said he had been in a bad car accident and was on methadone tablets they said thats not how one goes on methadone tablets I felt so naive. so he was trying to find where I lived for weeks daily he had my fone and contacted facebook friends rang a few one in england I stayed with when there everyone was copying and pasting the foul things he was writing above my picture as I had him blocked. he rang my drs with 2 false names saying he found my bag wallet and fone I had my bag and wallet. he sent pictures of my grandaughters to my eldest daughter there mum she said he is a real wierd one but unlike everyone else she didnt block him she was on the crack at that stge of her life thankgod its been well over a yr she is like a new person since we got her into detox. Anyway that was it for me I rang the police he had access to my grandaughters pictures. I had to follow police links instructions and my eldst daughter had to report it as the kids were in danger and they would be removed from the house 2 days before christmas. mum and I were frantically trying to get in touch with her with no luck she was partying but thank god I managed to find her partners sister who went to there place after work to tell my daughter she ha to ring up police link and report him to prevent the kids being removed from there house. the panic was terrible my son who kept telling me to go visit people in canungra the village as alot of people ask how I am he was happy when I said via tet im in canungra he thought it was grat. but he became very angry and said he was a registered drug addict i shouldnt have been there but I didnt no his ex wife didnt tell me any of this but my son was also making my life unbearable not believing me said I was in the pub drunk and I never even had a drink and only went in at opening fast to get a message to my friend. after a while my son found out the truth from my friend I didnt have a single drink nor was i in the pub anyway all of this ringing my dr etc mum suggsted i go to thailand to see my brother and when I did i saw things he posted about me at bankok airport. When the police took me to get my car and dog he also was trying to be nice to me he had no friends. so i sw a message from him asking me in my own words to tell him why I ran away cos he didnt get visiters anymore. I said you called me a spy etc he said he had been awake for about a week thats why. Ive only just unblocked his ex wife I believe her she thought I already new he was a registered drug addict. I rang her to see if it was okay for me to get a guitar lesson and sleep on the couch she said I was a good friend for asking and by all means yes and I hope you can help him. we hung up she was at a concert about to start I wasnt sure what she meant by help him I thought with my medical knowledge and him telling me about his leaky veins and his leg as he was very nice to talk to on the fone. I didnt show up the first time I did a week later he had alot of ice and been awake at first we chatted I bought extra virgin coconut oil to rub into his leg explained leaky veins after I met the bigger dealer I didnt no what was going on but the canungra man came back upstairs after his gold coast dealer left and told me he said I was a good person because I rang his e wife b4 visiting little did I know he was a bigger dealer again and he was who drove out of the driveway as the police took me in he looked like robbie boardman. After a long time I unblocked his ex wife. I dont go on fb rarely but she said she wants to sell the house and she knows he will fight her and he is a liar and only cares about drugs. So thats why I had the second lot of approx 40 hrs of falls hallucinations but woke up in hospital remeber nothing i had just got back from thailand its lucky I wasnt driving when it happened the first time My eldest daughter on crack and weed used me for babysitting and kicked me out my dr told me she was toxic for my health but i kept running when she called she used the kids as weapons not to see me. but all that changed when she went to detox. Every test you could think of was done in the hospital but long term trauma was the cause. I knocked out teeth scarred my face and destroyed my left foot and left with a limp excercise is limited I cant walk. I dont remember why I had to give you just th tip of the iceberg of very traumatic events in my life there is so much more bizarre things too much for any one person Ive been told by several proffessionals that I should write a book i reply not until theres a happy ending. I need to out live my youngest daughter but i have no quality of life whatsoever and feel bad because Im not helping my mum who understands how deppression works from seeing it in her father she is a retired registered nurse and seen alot and dad died 8 weeks ago so i feel guilty ashamed etc she is cooking for my daughter. I am on a disability pension. I didnt apply after my last over dose I was put on it and I hide when theres a visiter. Gone as far as parking my car in the next street to seem like I wasnt home when everyone decided to visit dad when palliative care began. I was afraid of my son he is tall and loud. I was annoyed y didnt they visit dad when he got sick y did they all come at once when palliative care started. I got a bit angry after dad died. My son doesnt have much to do with me. I was babysitting my grandaughters alot as there dad lost his license for 2 yrs so my daughter had to drive him from job to job and work with him installing skylights quite often Id have to drive 45 mins on freeway to pick up eldest grandaughter from school. the grandaughters love me so much mary just loves me so much but Ive heard nothing from my eldest daughter since her partnr got hi license back. my rooms a mess and I no to get out of this black hole as mum calls it I need to have the feeling of accomplishment so i take medication to slow my heart rate down but Ive asked mary and long time respite worker to bring back red bull so I can fix up the clutter in my room that will be an accomplishment and hopefully I can pick up where I left off with guitar lessons I startd after dad died paid for 12 but only had 2 they are very understanding I can recommence when Im ready. my dr is my friend but I just couldnt drive to see her 2 weeks in a row she faxes my prescription of sleeping tablets and valium. I attend pain clinic lots of car accidents from havoing padock bashers I could never go into debt it wouldve stressed me out more. I did by a used car with my victem of violent crime compensation the kids a play station 3 and we lived well for a yr. my poor old dog had to be put to sleep 2 days after Christmas around when the drug man was looking for where I lived. I miss her its been a long time

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