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Monday 26/5/2014 Whilst reading the Sunday papers, and indulging in a delicious raspberry muffin yesterday, I came across an article in Herald Sun's, Body & Soul supplement May 25 2014 about fear of vomiting treatment. Kylie Stevenson has written an informative article about emetophobia. Some people fear vomiting in public, whilst others fear their own vomit or that others will vomit in their proximity.   Apparently, 90% of people who fear vomiting are women and this condition can affect up to 8% of the world's population. However, the number of people who would warrant a diagnosis of emetophobia is less than 1 %  according to Dr Mark Boschen of Griffith University who is a senior lecturer in clinical psychology.   People with...
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21/05/2014 Primary school children may worry about their parents getting divorced, be afraid of dogs or the dark. Therefore some children need to learn how to cope with anxiety. 'Go Away Mr Worrythoughts' is a stage show targeted at primary school children which gives tips on how to cope with anxiety.   Go Away Mr Worrythoughts is a stage adaption of an award winning book by Victorian Nicky Johnston. Nicky wrote the book to help her son overcome anxiety. Three performers use slapstick, songs and humour to show children various ways of responding to worry and fears more effectively.   Go Away Mr Worrythoughts is at Frankston Arts Centre on Friday June6th 2014 at 6pm and is only...
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Anti-Anxiety Drugs Double Your Risk of Death ?

17/5/2014 A large study (which can be found online in the British Medical Journal )  by  researchers at the University of Warwick, England, has found that several common anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills were linked to  an increased risk of death.   The study followed  people who had had prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium or sleeping pills. The study controlled for other variables such as : age, alcohol consumption, smoking, and other factors such as anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and other psychiatric conditions , all of  which are risk factors for mortality. After controlling for  factors such as those listed above, the study found that people who took  the anti anxiety drugs...
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What is Social Anxiety?

When interviewed by the media, I often find myself answering the question "What is Social Anxiety?" The crux of social anxiety is  an excessive  fear of being negatively evaluated. Sufferers worry that other people will consider they are e.g. boring or stupid or incompetent if they appear awkward,  say or do anything they consider is embarrassing, or make a mistake.   Social anxiety sufferers may also worry that they will appear visibly anxious and be judged harshly for being  anxious. Therefore may concerned that will  blush, sweat , shake or their voice will tremble   People with social phobia may choose to avoid situations they fear. However, very often, they may endure them but feel very self conscious...
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