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Two Day Public Speaking Anxiety Workshop in Melbourne

Do you fear public speaking and/or participating in meetings?
Do you worry that you will: sweat, blush, shake or that your mind will go blank?
Do you worry for days or weeks in advance of a public speaking engagement?
Do you avoid public speaking to the detriment of your career and/or studies?
Have you tried other public speaking courses and found that they were too anxiety provoking and/or not tailored to highly anxious people?

Help is available. Catherine Madigan, clinical psychologist has been treating public speaking anxiety for over 20 years and understands that some people find the prospect of public speaking very daunting.
Catherine uses evidence based techniques following the latest research and can provide you with video and written feedback on your public speaking.

Day 1 of the course teaches you everything you need to know to overcome your fear of public speaking and Day 2 gives you the opportunity to give presentations to the class. During Day 2 you receive video and written feedback on your performance and have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt in Day 1.

Anyone who does not want to engage in public speaking in Day 2 is welcome just to watch the other participants and there is much to be learnt from observing others.

Past participants in Catherine’s courses have included: doctors, lawyers, marketing executives, engineers, a jockey, advertising executives, accountants, university students, high school students, tradespeople, allied health professionals, people who need to give a wedding speech or a eulogy, etc.

Suite 3, 497 Burke Road, Hawthorn

2024 DATES

  • Wednesday 21st Feb
  • Thursday 7th March
  • Wednesday 3rd April 
  • Thursday 4th April 

10am-5pm both days

$700 includes  morning and afternoon tea ,as well as lunch and all handouts
$500 concession price for low income card holders.

Private health fund rebates for group sessions may apply.

Medicare rebates for group-therapy may apply if you have a current mental health care plan and a referral letter to Catherine Madigan stating 2 group  sessions.


We have workshops starting on a variety of dates that can become to complicated to update on our website. The best thing to do is to contact us and we can find a course time that will suit you then.

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