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Commonly Asked Questions About Medicare and Psychology Treatment


Are psychologists covered by Medicare?

Yes, Medicare  provides rebates for psychological services.


How much does Medicare pay for a psychologist?

Medicare pays $126.50 for a 50 minute session with a clinical psychologist.


How many psychology session are provided under Medicare?

Medicare provides rebates for BOTH 10 individual and 10 group sessions per year ;provided the individual has obtained a mental health care plan and a separate referral letter from their doctor stating the number of sessions.


How much does it cost to see a psychologist?

Fess vary. The Australian Psychological Society  recommended  fee is $251 but  Catherine Madigan, clinical psychologist practising in Melbourne in Hawthorn, one of eastern suburbs , charges $190.00  ( $190.00 -medicare rebate of $126.50 =$63.50 gap so clients are out of pocket only $63.50 session.

 Low income health care concession card  holders are bulk billed for online and face to face sessions by Catherine.

Small business owners are bulk billed for online and face to face sessions.

All Australians can be bulk billed for online telehealth services until 30th September 2020.