About Catherine Madigan

Catherine Madigan Melbourne Clinical Psychologist

Catherine Madigan is a clinical psychologist who runs a private practice based in Hawthorn. She began her career working in one of Melbourne’s community mental health clinics, and has substantial experience in the cognitive behavioural treatment of anxiety disorders such as social phobia, panic, agoraphobia, generalised anxiety, hoarding, bdd, depression, and chronic pain.

Catherine began her career in 1995, after completing her study in Psychology at the University of Melbourne. She has since worked in several of Melbourne’s public and private hospitals, including St. Vincent’s Hospital, as well as Cabrini Hospital. Catherine’s experiences have involved working with Workcover & TAC clients, and her work has been featured in Australian media such as The Age, Herald Sun, as well as on Channel 2, and the 3RRR radio station.


Helping Clients with their Anxiety

She currently provides individual and group cognitive behavioural therapy sessions in Hawthorn, Victoria, and is a committee member of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADAVIC). She aims to provide brief, effective, affordable meta-cognitive therapy and CBT in a friendly environment.

Catherine is passionate about treating anxiety disorders, and is also interested in counselling on topics related to relationships, and dating. She offers cognitive behavioural therapy treatment and meta-cognitive therapy. Catherine aims to equip people with the skills to manage stress and overcome anxiety, and believes in people being active participants in their own recovery.

As part of her expertise, she seeks to help her clients by exposing them to relaxation techniques, CBT self-help manuals, appropriate diet and exercise, and lifestyle changes.