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CBT Anxiety Treatment Hawthorn

If you are living in Australia you can get help online or via the telephone. If you live in Victoria  you may prefer face to face sessions in Hawthorn as  you are still  allowed to travel to medical appointments under the COVID 19 regulations.

If you are looking for help to get your anxiety problems under control, then contact me today.

I offer successful, evidence based, anxiety treatments from our Hawthorn clinic that can help you regain confidence, reduce fear and reduce your anxiety in most situations. We work together collaboratively and a helpful analogy is that you are the driver of the car and I read the road map.  If you do the recommended homework you are pressing the accelerator and if you do not do the homework  the car will stall.

You are required to be an active participant in your treatment and will be required to gradually step out of your comfort zone.

During our first consultation we will discuss your history,  the anxiety issues you have and create a plan, including some practical exercises that you can use to reduce anxiety. I like to provide people with lots of self help resources and manuals so that they can fast track their recovery.

I have  many years of experience helping people overcome a wide variety of anxieties.

Some of the more common conditions we treat at our Hawthorn anxiety treatment clinic include:

Social Anxiety

Panic Disorders

Exam Anxiety

Fears, such as public speaking


Body Dysmorphic Disorders

And more…

So if you are looking for a clinical psychologist in Hawthorn or the surrounding suburbs that focuses on anxiety treatment, then contact me today – 0429 88 3671

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