Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment


Social phobia is best treated with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Medicare rebateable individual and/or group treatment from a clinical psychologist is available now in Hawthorn, Victoria so call us on 0429 883671 so you can start living the life you want to lead, free from excessive anxiety.

We understand  that when you fear being negatively judged and experience physical symptoms of anxiety, starting treatment can be stressful . This may be the first time you have confided in anyone about the difficulties you are experiencing. Don’t be afraid to take the next step. All sessions are confidential and it may be the life changing social anxiety treatment you need.

Sessions cost $190 for 50 minutes but Medicare will refund $126.50 for clinical psychology sessions so you are out of pocket only $63.50 per session.

Low income health care card holders are bulked billed provided they have a mental health care plan and a separate referral letter stating the number of sessions authorised.

You do not have to have a referral from your doctor to get treatment but if you wish to get the Medicare rebate you need to get a mental health care plan and a separate referral letter stating 6 sessions.

 How Long Does it Take to Overcome Social Anxiety?

Most people can make significant reductions in their degree of social anxiety in  a few months, provided they do the assigned homework tasks. The average length of time needed for treatment to be effective ranges from  12 to 20 weeks.

What is the Most Effective Treatment for Social Anxiety?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is the most effective treatment for social anxiety and can be provided in an individual or group format.

Long term, cognitive therapy on its own has a a much better effect than just medication or a combination of cognitive therapy and medication.

Medication for Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

People with mild to moderate social phobia  are advised to try a course of cognitive  behavioral therapy before trying medication, given that drugs may have side effects and one is more likely to relapse after medication is withdrawn.  Research studies have shown the effects of CBT are  more likely to persist after treatment ends.

Many people may have such severe fear and apprehension that they would not be able to tolerate the social interaction associated with therapy without the stress relieving  and mood elevating  benefits of  anti depressant medication. Some sufferers who need  an immediate  band aid quick fix,  because they are about to  have an important job interview or have an vital speech,  may be advised to use medication.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Anxiety  Disorder Treatment

Some CBT treatment programs recommend 16 individual sessions of therapy.

In Australia , people may receive 10  Medicare subsidised individual AND 10 group sessions per calendar year if they do a mental health care plan with their doctor and I generally find most sufferers can make significant progress within these  10 individual and/or  group sessions.

Social anxiety disorder treatment using CBT may entail:

  • Completing  questionnaires to assess severity of  social phobia and depression
  • Reading a CBT  self help book
  • Doing attention training
  • Doing role plays of feared social scenarios  with one’s psychologist and/or a group

Sessions can be provided individually or in a group format.

Group CBT has a number of advantages:

  • Sufferers get to meet other people who have similar feelings and thoughts about social interaction
  • Group members can support and encourage each other, even become friends and learn from watching each other’s attempts to overcome their fears.
  • A group format makes it  easier in some instances to do exposure as  more people are available to be audience members or role players.
  • Group members can give feedback on the person’s performance during a role play.
  • Social anxiety disorder treatment in individual sessions allows for
  • more flexibility  in how quickly concepts are covered
  • more one on one attention

New Classes to Overcome Social Anxiety 2019

Learn how to overcome social anxiety with a group of like minded people. We offer an 8 week course consisting of  8  two and a half hour sessions, attend once a week for 8 weeks. No classes held on public holidays

  • Friday 6th September to Friday 25th October, 8 consecutive weeks
  • More courses to be announced.


Intensive Course Schedule

2 times a week for 4 weeks. Contact us for options available for intensive courses over a shorter time period.

Location & Times

32 Henry St Hawthorn

7.10pm to 9.30pm


$660 for 8 sessions,  you are out of pocket only approx. $400 once you receive your Medicare rebate.

Medicare rebates apply if you do a mental health care plan  and GET A SEPARATE REFERRAL LETTER STATING 1 INDIVIDUAL AND 5 GROUP SESSIONS

Concession price available for those on a low-income healthcare concession card.

Concession price is $460 and once you get the rebate the course costs only $200 approx

Catherine Madigan is a clinical psychologist who is based in Hawthorn, Victoria. She offers individual and group sessions as proven forms  of social anxiety treatment. Call now on 03 9819 3671 or 0429 88 3671