Public Speaking Fear

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What is a Fear of Public Speaking?

Many people can be anxious before standing up to speak in front of their peers. This can be normal and even beneficial when it motivates the speaker to better prepare themselves in preparation.

However when a fear of public speaking causes physical reactions in your body and is negatively impacting your life then you may suffer from glossophobia, a fear of public speaking.

A fear of public speaking can be it’s own phobia, or a symptom of a larger disorder know as social anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of speech anxiety include;

  •  Anxiety at the thought of public speaking
  • Intense anxiety prior to speaking in front of the public
  • Physical symptoms such as panic and nausea
  • Avoiding situations which require public speaking


Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

A fear of public speaking has afflicted prominent people such as billionaire investor Warren Buffet, author Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking), American President and writer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson and actor Harrison Ford.


In an interview with the Associated Press from 2000, Harrison Ford described public speaking as “a mixed bag of terror and anxiety”.

However, people do not have to go through life enduring public speaking fear.


New Classes to Overcome A Fear of Public Speaking Added

Learn of to overcome your fear of public speaking with a group of like minded people. We offer a 8 week course consisting of  8  two and a half hour sessions, attend once a week for 8 weeks.

Note: Groups run over 8 weeks from 7:10 — 9.30pm

Groups are not held on public holidays.

  • Thursday 2nd of February to Thursday 23rd of March 2017
  • Tuesday 7th of February to Tuesday 28th of March 2017
  • Tuesday 4th April 2017 to Tuesday 23th May 2017
  • Thursday 30th March 2017 to Thursday 18th May 2017
  • Tuesday 30th May 2017 to Tuesday 18th July 2017
  • Thursday 25th May 2017 to Thursday 20th July 2017
  • Hawthorn Community House

All classes run once per week for 8 weeks


Intensive course Schedule



Location & Times

32 Henry St Hawthorn

7.10pm to 9.30pm

$650 for 8 sessions, Medicare rebates apply if you do a mental health care plan AND GET A SEPARATE REFERRAL LETTER STATING INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP THERAPY.


Concession price available for those on a low income healthcare concession card.


How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Warren Buffet and Susan Cain are on public record sharing that it was possible for them to overcome public speaking fears and, with help, you may too.


Susan Cain has even shared her personal experience of overcoming public speaking anxiety on Reddit.

“You have to desensitize yourself to your fear of or discomfort with speaking by practicing in small, safe steps,”

“You need a group of supportive people to practice with, a group where you can screw up as much as you want without any real consequences,” Cain asserted. “This is how I overcame my fear — little by little by little by little.”



Melbourne Clinical Psychologist, Catherine Madigan offers you the opportunity to overcome public speaking fear by practising in small, safe steps with a group of supportive people who share your public speaking fear.

Ring now on 0429 88 3671 to make an appointment to discuss your public speaking fear with Catherine. Both individual and/or group therapy is offered. Medicare and private health fund rebates are available.