How Exercise Reduces Stress

Regular physical exercise is a simple and effective means of reducing stress.

Physical exercise is the outlet for the body when it’s in the fight or flight state. Exercise releases the natural chemicals — such as adrenalin — that accumulate during stress. Exercise releives chronic muscle tension, reduces insomnia and decreases depression and anxiety.


Exercise also

  • Increases alertness and concentration
  • Reduces skeletal muscle tension and helps people to feel more relaxed
  • Leads to a more rapid metabolism of excess adrenaline and thyroxin in the bloodstream (i.e. it reduces the hormones which increase arousal)
  • Allows people to discharge their frustrations (which can aggravate phobias or panic reactions)
  • Helps you to feel good by stimulating the production of endorphin’s
  • Increases your energy level


Be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


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