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Overcoming Anxiety Attacks, Moby Is A Success Story



Moby, the successful American musician, DJ, photographer, and singer/songwriter, has divulged that he has experienced anxiety since he was child. His apprehension and worry escalated into panic attacks when at the age of 19 he tried LSD. For many years Moby avoided dating or self medicated with alcohol in order to avoid anxiety attacks.


He eventually he sought help from a psychologist.¬†Since having treatment, and embracing sobriety, Moby has found his anxiety attacks have dropped in frequency but occasionally he will “have too much caffeine, be stressed out about work and be in a relationship that’s not going well and it will happen again”.


Moby is to be commended for sharing his struggle with anxiety attacks with the public. If you know of any other famous people who have overcome panic attacks please write and tell us.


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