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OCD Treatment, online, phone or face to face


Overcome OCD with the help of a clinical psychologist  and exposure and response prevention


You can overcome OCD, without leaving home, using Medicare rebateable telehealth services via phone or video conferencing via coviu.

You do not need to download any software as a link is sent to you and you merely click on the link.

Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is used to treat OCD and a psychologist familiar with the treatment of OCD can assist you to develop a suitable exposure hierarchy.

Treatment  may  consist of consulting a therapist for individual sessions usually once a week for 50 minutes. A course of treatment may be 8-12 sessions or longer.

Some people may choose to combine exposure and response prevention and medication. Approximately 70% of OCD sufferers derive benefit from exposure and response prevention and/or medication for their OCD.

Anti-depressant medication may be prescribed for the treatment of OCD by a general practitioner or psychiatrist. Psychologists do not prescribe medication.


Catherine Madigan is an experienced Clinical Psychologist  available for  Medicare rebateable online, telephone or face to face sessions in Hawthorn, Victoria so call for an appointment  on 0429 883671 



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